“Before subscribers can consume credit, they have to be able purchase it.”

The traditional distribution model with one or more distributors is expensive with significant commissions paid to these intermediaries. Furthermore, subscribers sometimes have to travel or at least go to some expense to be able to get to the distributors.

TruTeq offers a range of products that cover all of the possible ways to get credit onto a SIM card.

Wallet-based distribution

Our wallet-based credit distribution system is a multi-tiered platform where fixed commission is paid as the credit is sold down the chain.

The USSD application is easy and quick to use and anybody with a mobile phone can become a credit reseller.


P2P Transfers

One of the easiest ways to distribute credit.

Once promoted as a way for relatives or friends to top each other up, it became clear that this product is also used by subscribers to resell their own credit. The A-party pays a small fee for the transfer, so this is the most lucrative method for credit distribution for the carrier. The fact that it creates micro businesses is another positive outcome.

Voucher top-up

Connecting to the carrier’s voucher number database, we can redeem vouchers using a reserve-commit or a commit-rollback strategy.


Bundle sales are a great way to increase consumption of credit and our bundle sales application can use USSD or mobi web to sell bundles

Voucher top-up

When third parties such as banks want to sell credit, they have to be able to perform top-ups on the IN.

Seeing as the IN is one of the mission critical elements in a network, it is far better to use a top-up mediation gateway as a protection and interface layer.


TruTeq also offers related or complimentary products.

Balance Enquiry

Balance Enquiry is one of the highest traffic sources in a network. In some countries, subscribers will perform balance enquiries before and again after a call. We offer a standard Balance Enquiry response to a subscriber request, as well as an automatic process triggered by a call completion event.

Please Call Me

When a subscriber has run out of credit, Please Call Me offers a way to still generate the traffic. With a call generation rate between 8% and 15%, this is a significant contributor.

Please Top Me Up

Being out of credit should not prevent subscribers from calling. This product allows subscribers to request a relative or friend for some credit. The B party can use P2P to transfer some of their credit.

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