Airtime Credit
Management Platform


“Take control of the airtime credit life cycle”

Before any services can be consumed, subscribers musT be able to top up their credit.

This includes redeeming vouchers, bank-operated top-ups, person to person transfers or a multi-tiered commission based wallet system.

After top-up, the consumer will apply the credit toward specific bundles and then consume services.

Much like a restaurant rotating tables on a busy night, ensuring this cycle is efficient allows it to repeat more often.


Subscribers can top-up in a variety of ways:

  • Voucher redemption
  • Top-up mediation to allow banks and other applications to top-up a subscriber’s account
  • Person to Person transfers
  • A multi-tiered distribution system with commissions at each level

Bundles are a popular method of stimulating spending patterns and can be used for any service such as:

  • Voice
  • Data
  • SMS and MMS
  • USSD
  • Roaming services
  • Social Media access

New bundles are easy to define and by using and of call notification, alerts can be generated to warn the subscriber when their bundles are almost depleted.

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