SMS Firewall


SMS Firewall

Stop those pesky spammers


SMS as a bearer is increasingly being used as a vector for fraud, with unauthorised parties bypassing standard interconnections and sending ill-intentioned SMS traffic to unsuspecting MNO customers and IoT devices. Studies have revealed that significant revenue is lost to SMS faking and spoofing, Denial of Service (DoS) and spamming. If this problem is left unaddressed, an MNO with can easily incur significant annual costs in asymmetrical inter-operator SMS termination charges and customer service costs related to dealing with disgruntled customers.

SMS fraud cases as defined by GSMA (PRD IR.71):

  • Anti-spamming:
    block unsolicited SMS messages to a subscriber
  • Anti-flooding:
    block large amounts of messages to one or more destinations
  • Anti-faking:
    stop messages where the addresses of the messages are manipulated
  • Anti-spoofing:
    stop messages illegally using the SMS-C of the client operator by manipulating the A-number

The close integration of the TruTeq SMS Firewall with our SMS-C suite of solutions ensures a highly scalable solution. This is achieved through the Refactoring Engine for our SMS-C/SMSFirewalls.

The TruTeq SMS firewall features:

  • Source validation
  • Whitelisting or blacklisting for source GTs and source numbers
  • Rate control to numbers
  • Rate control from numbers
  • Content filtering (and blocking)
  • Network agnostic (SMPP, GSM/3G, SIP/LTE)
  • Multi-language (UCS2)
  • Flexible rules and threshold tuning

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