TruTeq Press Release
16:00 GMT+10:00 on 14 November, 2016

After more than 15 years of predictions of exploding M2M growth by research firms, critical mass has been reached and the scramble is on. The three big sensor challenges of cost, battery life and coverage have perhaps not been completely solved, but there is enough momentum to justify investment in IoT technology.

Choosing the carrier technology is a priority for network operators and core vendors have been hyping their LTE products with success.


Clearing the $1 per month cost hurdle is still a challenge and smart carriers are looking at augmenting low-cost bearers with no-cost options. Many, if not most IoT devices do not need the data speeds of LTE-M or NB-IOT but they do need lower cost. End users simply do not care how they get their service and they do not care about the technology – they just want it cheap.


TruTeq is pleased to announce the new LPWAN network base station. These terminals form a low-cost overlay for technologies such as LoRa and complements an existing NB-IoT or LTE-M strategy.


The network overlay may use LTE or fibre or even a combination of the two for data backhaul. This may also be deployed as part of a FTTx strategy.


“TruTeq’s LPWAN and IoT Billing platform offer an elegant multi-bearer strategy for carriers wanting to cover all the bases,” says Tjaart van der Walt, CEO, TruTeq. “Carriers ignoring non-cellular bearers will find the OTT players ready and willing to eat into their revenue.”


TruTeq’s IoT OCS is a low-cost, high speed alternative to expensive traditional core elements. TruTeq also offer full integration into the EPC environment with application based routing, provisioning on APN infrastructure, diameter-based billing and reporting.


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