TruTeq Press Release
16:00 GMT+10:00 on 14 November, 2016

TruTeq’s impressive Service Creation Environment receives another boost.

TruTeq announced a new Drag-and-Drop interface for the service creation environment today.

Because it follows the design principle of mind maps, it is extremely intuitive. Drag elements from the toolbox onto the canvas, define their functions and connect them.




“The new GUI complements the other new features,” says Tjaart van der Walt, CEO, TruTeq. “Deployment times are cut down from months to weeks or days and the carriers are empowered to design and launch services on their own if they want.”


Other new features include, improved navigation aids, automatic session resumption and even a mode where any node can be put into a “maintenance mode” with an appropriate message to the subscriber.




Other changes include improvements to the rendering engine so application can render to USSD, mobi-web, XML (for mobi-apps) and now even IVR. Subscribers will be spoilt for choice and there is a pleasing familiarity across channels.

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