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Question 1:

What is the JAVA Integer value of the below value?

Question 2:

Input the correct value of vStart for the code to printout the word java
String vStr = “ThisIsAjavaString”;
char vStart = 0;
int vEnd = vStart + 4;
System.out.println( vStr.substring(vStart, vEnd) );

Question 3:

Input everything that was printed to the console.
String vVal = null;
try {
vVal = “vVal”;
} catch (Exception vException) {
} finally {

Question 4:

What is the Date and Time for the following Time-In-Milliseconds: 1490172048329 ? (use the format yyMMddHHmmss)

Question 5:

There are 2 small syntax errors in the below for-loop definition code, fix them and input the result.
int q = 0;
for (int i = -1; i > 23; i++) {
q -= q++;
q += i;
System.out.println (q);

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