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Question 1:

A file called “travels.log” contains the following:

grandpa took the number 6 bus to the city
GrandPa took the number 9 train to the city
Grandpa took the car to the city
Grandpa took the nr 4 Bus to the city
grandPa took the number 7 bus to the contry side
Grandma took the number 3 bus the city

If you use grep to get lines from the file, what would be the shortest command to show only the trips for grandpa, to the city using any bus. (tip: your command line must only contain the word grep once)

Question 2:

You are root user on a Linux machine. What is the tcpdump command you would run to capture traffic with the following conditions:
– On all interfaces
– Unlimited packet size
– For tcp port 80
– Do not do reverse lookups for addresses
– Must be rolling traces with files sizes of 5 mega bytes and it must rotate 10 files
– The file names must start with mytraces.cap

Question 3:

You are in a bash prompt. If the date today is 01 May 2017, use the (shortest) date command to print the previous day, 30 April 2017 in this format (CCYYMMDD), so your output must be: 20170430

Question 4:

I am checking the free memory of my server. Which of these values in megabyte is my real free or available memory?

myserver$ free -m
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:         11978      11740        237          0        276       4431
-/+ buffers/cache:       7032       4945
Swap:          976        143        833
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