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TruCom Cruisermenu_cruiser1

The TruCom Cruiser is a next-generation wireless telemetry device. It combines GSM technology with a flexible number of expansion cards and script-based programmability to create the most effective and value-packed solution for wireless telemetry. Choose from a number of expansion cards and create your own application with powerful scripts.

TruCom Industrialmenu_industrial1

This South African AMR workhorse modem is installed in thousands of meters across Africa. The TruCom Industrial contains patented techology that ensures the best connection stability in the business.

TruCom SmarToomenu_smartoo1

The TruCom SmarToo is the ultimate wireless telemetry communications device. It can act like a modem, but can also enable legacy telemetry devices to communicate with a backoffice via GPRS. Four inputs can be programmed as alarms or for other functionality when combined with the internal counter and timers. In some cases, the saving on communications costs have been as high as 99%. The payback period for replacing old technology with the SmarToo, could be less than 18 months! Even two 'dumb' devices with serial ports can be connected via GPRS to save costs.

TruCom Marathonmenu_marathon1

A battery-based AMR product with amazing endurance. The TruCom Marathon was designed to read pulsing meters such as electricity, water and gas.

As many as 23 thousand GPRS or SMS reports can be achieved over a life of 10 years. With the current cost of GPRS, the communications over a ten year period would be only R230!

Rhino GSM Antennamenu_rhino1

In some areas, your GSM telemetry installations are vandalised with antennas stolen as fast as you replace them. The Rhino GSM antenna is made to withstand even the most determined vandal.

Bolt it to your telemetry kiosk with the two 6M stainless steel bolts and watch the baddies try to break the resin-filled, high-impact polycarbonate antenna.